a visit to Walden

Since our book of incarcerated women’s writings Hear Me, See Me debuted last fall, we’ve had numerous requests to come and present about the writing inside VT program.

photoshopped version

Marybeth Redmond (front row, far right) met with students of The Walden Project in Monkton, who were eager to learn about writing inside VT.

One of the more interesting speaking engagements occurred deep within the woods in Monkton, Vt. this past week.

I was invited to share our work with The Walden Projectan alternative school serving about 20 students from Vergennes Union High School.

Their curriculum emphasizes writing, philosophy, environmental studies, while supporting student centered-learning. The program is modeled on Henry David Thoreau’s sojourn to Walden Pond where he immersed himself in his ecology to deepen his sense of self, society, and the natural world. (The Willowell Foundation supports and guides the program.)   Continue reading