in the woods

path into the woods

The objective is a voice in direct contact with emotional impulse,
shaped by the intellect but not inhibited by it. – Kristin Linklater

No one can imitate when you write of the particular, because no others have experience exactly the same thing.  – Goethe

Voice is called forth by resonance … – Carol Gilligan

I believe in the strength of one voice to save another’s life. – Marcella Allison

A woman needs to tell her own story, to tell the bloody version of the fairy tale. – Louise Erdrich

When it comes to prison, there are ways in and there are ways out. The former seems obvious and, mostly, so does the latter. But despite the political popularity of prison issues, there are still those that say, You do the crime, you do the time. But there is nothing obvious about either.

When we come together to write, it quickly becomes clear that the path the prison is a complex confluence of events. Any sense of freedom a single writer experiences is her path out. He or she doesn’t have to leave in order to leave, in order to make sense of his or her story and free herself from it even if that story is how he or she got to prison.

Below, you will hear the stories of several writers: how they got to prison and how they are slowly working toward get out of their own “concrete forest.”

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