why we write inside

Following last week’s writinginsideVT circle, we received the following comments from three of the participants:

‘This writing has helped me realize how to let go of things. I write my thoughts and feelings, think about it, and then let it go. I have a better way of handling myself. It has saved a lot of heartache and unnecessary arguments with my loved one.”

“Being with the group for so long, I have come to realize that it has been one of the best forms of therapy for me, that I never would have thought to try. Walls and layers of ‘thick skin’ have been pumiced away, as the words I write slowly began to soften my heart and open my mind to new ways to release the horrors I kept locked away for most of my life. This group is absolutely my saving grace.”

“I can leave whatever stresses/chaos are in my life at the door; or feel free to bring them in with me and work through them with pen and ink. This circle allows me to open up and purely create. It is constantly reminding me there is beauty, creativity and even light in the darkest of places.”