What if every child was given
an affirming “YES” to become
her own individual, unique voice?
…enough unconditional acceptance
to claim her soul’s deepest yearnings?
– Karen Fricke, 2015

A Continuous Celebration of all things Wonderful - Marta L Sanchez,

‘a continuous celebration of all things wonderful’ credit – marta l. sanchez

Last Thursday we tackled the controversial issue of negative core beliefs, with the intention of turning them into positive affirmations. We did this by responding to a number of quotations (including the one from sister-womenwritingsite-owner Karen Fricke of Grand Junction CO). In addition, the opening poem was one ‘found’ from a previous group inside entitled ‘So Many Versions of Myself.’

Needless to say, the women around the circle found much to resonate with in both, as well as the topic itself.

Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.
Jerry Frankhauser

But why is it that saying positive things about ourselves is just … so HARD??!!! Julia Cameron writes, in The Artist’s Way,  “Censors loathe anything that sounds like real self-worth. They immediately start up with the impostor routine … ”  To get around this, she suggests writing something positive about ourselves while listening to the ‘blurts’ of negativity that will most assuredly accompany the writing. Continue reading