a spark of hope

spark of hopeThis ‘found poem,’ created from lines written by all women in the writing circle a couple of weeks back, will be our final post of 2012. We will return January 2, 2013.

Happy Holidays and safe travels to all!

After losing so much
it is important to step back
pointing to the one and only hope
to keep you moving on.
Most of us could never imagine
that hope hadn’t died,
buried in pain.

Each tear contains
a little spark of aliveness,
real possibility
for a biography in the making
dissipating the inky black light.

Your search for self
grows better with attention,
magically produces more
love no matter what,
reflected every day
in what greatness you can perceive.
There is always a glimmer
of gold even when the mirror sees gray.
It has come true for me.

Turn the corner of loneliness
carrying hope within;
watch the lights twinkle as you pray
starting your life over again.

Keep searching;
knowing you have taken every chance
will always be your hope,
an empathy antenna.

A journey started, a spark of hope.