like a natural woman

credit - stephen matteson, nyt co, getty images

credit – stephen matteson, nyt co, getty images

Although our opening poem was not a song but the sassy ‘PHENOMENAL WOMAN‘ by Maya Angelou, last week’s writing ran the gamut from lyric to quiet to fiery. All in the span of 20 minutes’ writing time. A sampling of three very different styles, excerpted:


I don’t have the confidence
of actually talking about my body.
I love my Mom and Dad,
but they made me feel
a way that’s hard to describe.
It’s kinda like they made me feel
ashamed and not proud.

It seems everyone here is not ashamed at all.
It’s just me, such lack of confidence.
It makes me feel alone …

I feel like I wish I was quite sassy.
Maybe someday I will be fiery.
I do not blame anyone,
not anyone at all …

Believe it or not,
I have found some confidence indeed
here, among all the girls around.
I feel like I have a family here,
between these concrete walls…


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