change the way we look at our lives

graphic - change the way you see

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Last night, we read from Pema Chodron’s Taking the Leap:Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears. In chapter four, she introduces shenpa – the rut of continually being hooked by our personal habitual expectations, experience, the old story we tell about ourselves.

The dozen women gathered inside our stuffy windowless room listened attentively, then dove into their writing without hesitation. Several chose to start their writing with the epigraph: We don’t necessarily have to change our lives around to be writing or to be writing more.We must change the way we look at our lives. – Georgia Heard, Writing Toward Home.

Excerpts from two writers appear below. Their words tell of common struggles incarcerated women face while seeking something different from what they have known. To change, to become better people. Continue reading