happy accidents

happy accident - sherripatterson

credit – sherri patterson

Last post, I wrote about the monthly writing group we have been offering mentors trained by Mercy Connections and their incarcerated mentees. From September through June for the past several years, we have used this group time to strengthen relationships between the mentors and their mentees; as well as to foster an active community of trust among all the women.

It has been our hope that both paired and group relationships would deepen and become more effective on the outside as a result of this early bonding. Likewise, we anticipated the possibility that enthusiasm for the groups inside might carry over to the outside, and provide additional support for mentoring success over time.

As things have worked out, writing inside VT will no longer be holding these groups for the mentors and their mentees. Instead, it is up to Mercy Connections to continue the popular groups at their discretion. With huge gratitude for the strong support of all who participated over the years – and with sadness at curtailing my circling activities going forward – I wish everyone new paths to connection and creativity. Who knows, perhaps our ways will meet again in the future. I certainly hope so. Continue reading