soul knowings


The soul knows. It does.

As we wrestle with various life conundrums – relationships with others, work directions, past wounds that won’t heal…

..our thoughts meander through the labyrinth of our minds with no apparent way out.

The antidote that works for some, and for me?

Find a quiet space without distraction; formulate a clear and focused question about one’s inner struggle; pick up a pen; and write for 20 minutes without stopping.

The answers come, and they are laser-like in their precision.

It’s what the incarcerated women did this week. Many struggle with what to do about intimate relationships, past abuses, addictions, and next-steps in reentry…

Yet, when directed to offer written advice (as grown women) to the 13-year-old versions of themselves, the insights flow, the advice is powerful, and they sound like yogis in their words of wisdom.

The soul knows. It does. Read on.  Continue reading