deep peace to you…

writing inside VT is in the midst of a summer hiatus while Sarah and I take a much-needed break, as well as tweak our prison writing program with the women of Chittenden Correctional Facility for the coming year.

Women-Behind-Bars Courtesy of Photobucket

Courtesy of Photobucket

Though we are not conducting writing circles for a few weeks, we continue to receive status updates on the incarcerated women we have written with for months and years.

Those email updates come from the facility weekly, and we read each and every one.

That communication is entitled “Upcoming Inmate Releases,” and it usually reads something like this:

“8/6 to Tapestry (substance abuse facility in Brattleboro), or 8/9 to Northern Lights (transitional housing facility in Burlington), or 8/10 maxed out (free to go home, wherever home is).” Continue reading