opening the box

today’s myths, tomorrow’s poems

Instructions for living a life:
pay attention
be astonished
tell about it. – Mary Oliver

This week we read multiple versions of the story of Pandora’s box. We discussed the evils of the world, where the stem from, how a single figure can be responsible, and why women are blamed for releasing the world’s evils in multiple global myths. Immediately, the writers expressed both in discussion and in their writing that that is a simplistic view of the story. We discussed and wrote about the complex contradiction that a world without evil is a world that can’t see good.

It takes life experience to discern these kinds of subtleties. Each writer in our circle is a citizen of a big world, familiar with the faces of each thing that Pandora’s box released. We acknowledged, as imperfect humans, that these things are not only present in the world but in us, in our lives. We know sickness, fear, loss. But through the lens of our experience and as recorded in our poetry, we know that only through these released demons can we know health, contentment, happiness. And the ability to manage and balance these opposing forces makes us who were are as humans and individuals. It often dictates the stories of our lives.

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