It’s been a while since we posted a ‘found poem’ created by lines of women’s writing from a previous circle.

In this case, the lines were gathered at our ‘public’ reading of a number of pieces from several months. Therefore the theme is one created by the proximity of lines to one another and their entirety, rather than being in response to a particular prompt.

Behind me must be forgotten –
addiction, The Devil
critical of my hair
untamed, unhinged;
cupid’s careless arrow
plucked from the sky
swatting the air thick with
trust, love, hope and dreams
vulnerable to the game;
thinking there’s no danger is absurd. Continue reading

a writer says

Image by Deborah Koff-Chapin.

I like having permission to be free,
to let my mind wander in corners
with cobwebs, all but forgotten.

I didn’t like that we had to end!!!

Note: After taking Deborah’s workshop, we have been inspired to use touch drawing with women writinginsideVT. See for more information about the technique and to see more images.