afoot inside

Foot-Reflexology Some nights we just need a lift. Like this past Thursday, when the women drooped into our writing space with low energy and heavy hearts. So many shoulders needing a lift. That’s when you know something’s afoot. Or should be.

Our assistant this week, Victoria, is a practicing reflexologist. She has been wanting to teach the writing inmates a thing or two about self-care and relaxation. What better time than during a session in which we wrote about ‘mending our lives?’

After writing was done, shared and read-back, we shifted to chairs without a table between us. Each of us removed a single shoe. And the magic began.

Victoria led us through simple moves to soothe our bodies and minds through pressure or circular motion on different parts of our feet. If there had been any doubters among us, you’d never have known. Instead, a series of soft sighs of surprise and delight circled our sacred space as each woman discovered the power of her own foot to release stress.