saying goodbye

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Last night, we had two extremely powerful writing circles inside CRCF. Opening with Maya Angelou’s poem, ‘STILL I RISE’ set the energy level for the night. To a woman, each in the circle rose to the occasion, producing powerful words and revelations. A second writing challenged each woman to condense her longer piece to a haiku-style three-line verse. JD entered into the spirit of the evening with characteristic determination – the more so, perhaps, on this eve of her departure from the facility. We wish her well as she prepares to re-enter life back home, without her ‘dear’ drug habit.


‘Leaving behind nights of terror and fear,’
I say goodbye to you, my dear.
It will be a long hard road, I’m sure;
as long as I keep going, my mind should stay pure.
I’m sorry our relationship has come to an end
as well as all the bad energy you send.
Our relationship one-sided, you controlled it all
and every step I took, all I did is fall.

‘I rise into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear.’
With that empowering moment, I have no fear.
I won’t let your trickery drag me down anymore.
Now I’m the one that has tricks in store.
Just like the rest of life, darkness is broken with shining light
and I will always continue the everlasting fight.
If in life you get back up every time you fall
you know with certainty that you can have it all.
– JD


I say goodbye, dear;

that empowering moment
light broken darkness.

– JD

could anyone know me more than me?!

Writing to lines from the poem by Kate Light, There Comes the Strangest Moment, JD found her truth and shared it in these few powerful raw lines.

I didn’t think anyone could possibly know me more than me. No one could possibly see the storm raging inside of me. No one could see the pain and torment I was causing myself . . . could they?

I thought I covered it well with my mask of drugs and make-up. It didn’t matter they saw right through it and begged me to get help. But I wanted nothing to do with it. So I went on slowly killing myself a little bit each day. I didn’t think there was any other way, especially after I pushed everyone else that cared about me very far away.

It must not have been my time to go, because God intervened and had me locked up. I was so angry with Him, because I knew what I wanted and getting clean wasn’t it. I was convinced my downward spiral into hell was what I wanted.

Then one day, everything I thought before broke free; or maybe, it was the drugs clearing out of me; but I was grateful to be in jail. My time here is coming to an end and I know this is the real me, the one I was afraid to see. I don’t know what about her scared me so much because she is the most spiritually fit me I’ve ever seen. I have hopes and dreams today, instead of a death wish.