who we are

Sarah W. Bartlett

Sarah W. Bartlett is a long-time writing midwife for women to empower voice and celebrate change. Since 1993 when she first joined Women Writing for (a) Change® she has lived the practices of that creative writing community. Licensed in 2004 to operate her own WomenWritingVT program, she established the framework for writing inside VT on the same proven model. She holds a BA from Cornell University and advanced degrees from Harvard University. Her writing has been published in respected academic and literary journals as well as highly acclaimed anthologies.

Marybeth Christie Redmond

In late 2009, Sarah invited Marybeth Christie Redmond to join her in creating a writing program inside Vermont’s sole women’s prison. Together they founded writing inside VT in January 2010, co-leading until Marybeth left the program in 2013. A writer-journalist for more than 25 years, Marybeth uses storytelling to advance the dignity of people and create social change. She is an occasional commentator for Vermont Public Radio. She holds a BA from University of Notre Dame and MA from Columbia School of Journalism and served in the Vermont House of Representatives from 2018-2022.

Meg picture

In 2013, Meg Reynolds joined Sarah as co-director of writing inside VT, until she became the director in 2018, sharing facilitation with other long-time wiVT team members. Meg is a local teacher, writer, and artist. She holds her BA in English, Arts and Visual Culture from Bates College, and her MFA in poetry from Stonecoast/University of Southern Maine. She is co-founder of Pine Street Poets whose self-titled chapbook was recently published through Honeybee Press; and is collecting her own growing list of publications including a poetry comic collection ‘A Comic Year’ from Finishing Line Press. 

Kassie Picture

In 2020, Sarah passed the administrative torch to long-time wiVT assistant, Kassie Tibbott. Kassie is a local attorney and justice reform advocate, and she is passionate about creating safe, constructive spaces for self-reflection. Kassie will maintain communications and outreach for wiVT (including website and social media updates) and will continue collaboration with Green Writers Press to get the latest anthology in the hands of Vermont’s decision makers, students, and community members. Kassie holds a BA in Spanish & Creative Writing from MSU Denver, and a JD from Vermont Law School.

Current Facilitators

  • Kristen B.
  • Melissa P.

Past Assistants

  • Kassie T.
  • Tobe Z.
  • Victoria I.
  • Dorsey N.
  • Ruth F.
  • Jennifer C.

Advisory Board

  • Kathy Fox
  • Stacy Raphael
  • Charon True
  • Katie Langrock
  • Carolyn Subin
  • Holly Miller