“…women who are otherwise shunned from our acceptance of their existence … Living life as best as they can yet with overwhelming spiritual connection, they share—each in their own way—their ongoing journeys. Beautiful writing to be savored.” Elle, Goodreads, May 2018

“This inspiring collection provides sources of insight and prayer by women walled in by the unjust system of U.S. incarceration.” – Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER), 11.10.15

“… moving and articulate writings…Their struggles, regrets and dreams for a future are poignantly told in brief prose and poetry which surprised me with its power and clarity. For many readers this powerful book will likely change stereotypical views of who is populating our prisons and why.” Charlotte, Goodreads, Jan 2014

“Moving works from inside a Vermont prison.” – Sojourners, December 2013

“. . . a strong collection of prison writing recommended for not just spirituality holdings, but for literary collections and those containing women’s writings in general.” – The Midwest Book Review, December 2013

excerpts from Amazon readers (read more here):

…Prose poems, howls of pain and confusion, are followed by sad, methodical detailing of how they ended up in prison. Each woman feels her own way along the path of self-discovery as far as she can… I was struck by the courage, even gallantry in the face of tragedy … their endurance and willingness to bare their inner thoughts to the reader. Surely, that’s some redemption, even triumph? – N. Pratt

The best writing makes us yearn to understand more; it stays within our consciousness well past the point at which we put the book down… Such is the case with Hear Me, See Me…Well organized and introduced, this is an important document about the power of the written word and its ability to free the soul in spite of physical and emotional constraints. – P. Cunningham

I read it cover to cover in one morning. Women told tales of loss, redemption, drugs, children, abuse, absent fathers, sisterhood, faith, art, and pain… I was amazed at the individuality of each voice while at the same time sensing a real universal pain and need to be heard among all the women. – Esmerelda

…Be careful of judgement. You will fiind yourself in some of these reflections, though you certainly don’t expect to. Highly recommended. – C. J. Therrio

…As we hear these brave women, we can begin to see them as complex individuals, and begin to questions many of the assumptions we have made about people we did not know. – P. Hester

…struggles, regrets and dreams for a future are poignantly told in brief prose and poetry which surprised me with its power and clarity…. – Mimi1949

…honest and enlightening … – M.Cronin