hear me, see me

Hear Me, See Me: Incarcerated Women Write
edited by Marybeth Christie Redmond & Sarah W. Bartlett

AVAILABLE September 2013 from Orbis and Amazon

cover of upcoming bookOrbis Books, Maryknoll, NY
ISBN 978-1-62698-039-6; Approx. 200pp; illustrated; paperback. $25

Powerful, unvarnished prose and poetry by women imprisoned in Vermont, survivors of every kind of trauma, abuse, and addiction, whose individual and collective works explore and transcend the physical and spiritual trials of their lives.

Compiled and introduced by writing inside VT’s co-founders, writers and activists Marybeth Christie Redmond and Sarah W. Bartlett, Hear Me, See Me is a book of deep insight and inspiration, providing readers with:

• First-person stories of ‘broken’ women alight with the human spirit

• A witness to the power of writing to cultivate individual voice and build healthy community

• Challenges to examine their own faith/spiritual lives through the lens of some of the most marginalized human beings on Planet Earth

• A call to action to accept responsibility for transforming a prison system that robs people of human dignity

• Encouragement for offenders to participate in prison writing programs as one modality to begin healing lives

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