the women behind the program

Sarah W. Bartlett

Sarah W. Bartlett is a long-time writing midwife for women to empower voice and celebrate change. Since 1993 when she first joined Women Writing for (a) Change® she has lived the practices of that creative writing community. Licensed in 2004  to operate her own WomenWritingVT program, she established the framework for writing inside VT on the same proven model. She holds a BA from Cornell University and MA and ScD from Harvard  University. Her writing has been published in respected academic and literary journals as well as highly-acclaimed anthologies.

Marybeth Christie Redmond

In late 2009, Sarah invited Marybeth Christie Redmond to join her in creating a writing program inside Vermont’s sole women’s prison. Together they co-founded writing inside VT in January 2010. A writer-journalist for more than 25 years, Marybeth uses story-telling to advance the dignity of people and create social change. She is occasional commentator for Vermont Public Radio. She holds a BA from University of Notre Dame and MA from Columbia School of Journalism

Meg pictureCurrently, Meg Reynolds directs the program, sharing facilitation with other long-time wiVT team members. Meg is a local teacher, writer, and artist. She holds her BA in English, Arts and Visual Culture from Bates College, and her MFA in poetry from Stonecoast/University of Southern Maine. She is co-founder of Pine Street Poets whose self-titled chapbook was recently published through Honeybee Press; and is collecting her own growing list of publications.


6 thoughts on “the women behind the program

  1. jhilmilsjourney says:

    I am so happy to read of this initiative. I have recently founded a charity in India where we are taking poetry as therapy to victims of domestic violence and also want to take it into prisons and asylums, just so inspired to read of your work!


    • sarahwbartlett says:

      Thank you for visiting us, Jhilmil. It has long been an idea of mine to link those of us doing such work around the world through a ‘community of practice’ in which we could gather online from time to time, share what is working and help brainstorm together better ways of achieving the best outcomes for our respective populations. The space is now opening up for me to initiate this effort; I would love to invite you to join us, to learn from your own experiences and hear what the challenges (and rewards!) are for this work in India. Congratulations on taking this step. I do hope we keep in touch!


  2. Cindy Pinheiro says:

    Hi Sarah, Meg, Melissa, Dorsey and all the wonderful volunteers! I miss all of you. I just found out today that I had my first article was published in a free newspaper called Trendy Times. The editor was looking for someone to write an article for a section called Trendy Kitchen. I sent in my article and recipe and Gary the editor loved it! He said he was looking for someone to take over the space because the woman who used to write it got sick. The paper comes out every two weeks and I just wrote my second article. I’m so excited. It was all of you that made me realize I could write. Thank you all for liking my writings and giving me the confidence to write poetry and stories. Tell the girls in Thursday’s class I miss them. I love you all. Cindy Pinheiro CMP XOX


    • sarahwbartlett says:

      Hey, Cindy – you GO, girl! So proud of you. Can you post your writing on the ‘writing outside’ FB page? I just sent you an invitation so you should be able to access it. Would love to hear more about this new gig … is it online? or have an address we can visit to see your work? Keep up the good work, you 🙂


      • Cindy Pinheiro says:

        Sarah I need you to resend the Writing Outside site, something happened and I can’t get on. Thanks! How was tonight’s group? Cindy


      • sarahwbartlett says:

        Cindy, I just invited you again. Let’s hope it works this time … Meg went in tonight so I can’t answer that. However, we are both going to Texas next week to present a panel about writing inside VT at a writing conference. Will be thinking about you and the others!!!


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