our new affiliation

sbcjc-logoYou may have read recently about the new affiliation between writing inside VT and the South Burlington Community Justice Center. We are so very excited about this new development. But why should you be?!

The SB CJC, as one of 20 community justice centers throughout the state, “provides opportunities to address crime and conflict as a community, at the local level, through a restorative justice approach. The SBCJC is a department of the South Burlington Police Department of the City of South Burlington. ”

Restorative justice focuses on healing and rehabilitation. In the same way our writing inside VT circles collectively establish a foundation of values and guidelines before entering discussion, so do the many applications of restorative justice. As the newest program in the SB CJC family, wiVT shares a philosophy of righting wrongs by building and repairing relationships, addressing harms in a holistic way, and balancing the well-being of each party along with the community as a whole.

Finding this ‘home’ has been a major part of our past year’s mission. along with diversifying our funding base. Both are part of a broader goal of becoming sustainable into the future. A modest base grant of $5k from the Department of Corrections means we have just $15k to raise to cover our annual operating expenses.  And we provide SB CJC immediate access to inmates so they can start planning program connections for return to their communities.  Once women are out, wiVT will be able to provide continuous support and programming through the SB CJC.

Now do you understand why this is such an important move for us? !?Going forward, there will be other mutual advantages, and we will keep you apprised of them. But for now, please join us in celebrating this perfect affiliation of programs, approachess and goals!!!

In the next few weeks, we will be sending out our second annual appeal for support of wiVT. If you would like to be included in that mailing, please be sure to let us know by filling out the contact form with your email information.

Thank you for your continuing interest in, and support of, writing inside VT.

. . . and you?

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