writing with mentors


Mentor/mentee pair sharing a moment at the 2013 book launch of HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write

For the past several years, we at writing inside VT have offered a monthly writing group inside CRCF for those women with mentors trained through the mentoring program at Mercy Connections. While not formally associated with that program, writing inside VT has helped established strong bonds between mentors and their mentees by providing time and space for them to become acquainted in a structured setting.

As with all writing inside VT groups, we open with a poem – generally one that explores a seasonal theme – and move into writing time. Initially, writing is shared between mentor and mentee, followed by about 45 minutes of visiting time. Following this paired sharing time, we  invite each woman to read her words within the larger group – usually 12 to 18 around the circle.

Popularity of the mentor/mentee group has only increased with the years; mentors have asked if they can come to a group even if they no longer have a mentee inside! Or they ask if they can participate together on the outside to help maintain the bonds established on the inside. We continue to explore these possibilities, and have recently approached Mercy Connections to consider connecting our program more directly to theirs.

We have always taken July and August off from the mentor/mentee writing groups due to scheduling difficulties during the summer months. Therefore, this post honors the experience of the mentor/mentee writers inside CRCF with a sampling of their comments about what they most appreciate about writing inside VT:

I appreciate how creative, intelligent and serious the other members of the group are.

I appreciate most seeing my mentor and being able to leave my unit for a fun creative group.

Love the sharing; love the writing; love being with my mentor; love being with these brave women.

Spending time with people who care and understand.

I love the structure/ritual of the group. Thank you.

Sharing my thoughts in a non-judgmental environment.

I can open up and write down my feelings.

The gifts are an opportunity to see mentee; be vulnerable with each other; share words/advice/experience through our writings.

Gifts – the opportunity to enter the world – one step in – of so many newly known women. The opportunity to experience a structured writing session. The opportunity to get to know my mentee better.

To be real with people, just to be able to smile and have people hear you.

I feel lighter now because I’ve shared some of my hopes and fears with others. And in doing so, I shared them with myself.

These sisters are amazing human beings. They inspire me.

There is always something/many things new I learn.

. . . and you?

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