What if every child was given
an affirming “YES” to become
her own individual, unique voice?
…enough unconditional acceptance
to claim her soul’s deepest yearnings?
– Karen Fricke, 2015

A Continuous Celebration of all things Wonderful - Marta L Sanchez,

‘a continuous celebration of all things wonderful’ credit – marta l. sanchez

Last Thursday we tackled the controversial issue of negative core beliefs, with the intention of turning them into positive affirmations. We did this by responding to a number of quotations (including the one from sister-womenwritingsite-owner Karen Fricke of Grand Junction CO). In addition, the opening poem was one ‘found’ from a previous group inside entitled ‘So Many Versions of Myself.’

Needless to say, the women around the circle found much to resonate with in both, as well as the topic itself.

Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.
Jerry Frankhauser

But why is it that saying positive things about ourselves is just … so HARD??!!! Julia Cameron writes, in The Artist’s Way,  “Censors loathe anything that sounds like real self-worth. They immediately start up with the impostor routine … ”  To get around this, she suggests writing something positive about ourselves while listening to the ‘blurts’ of negativity that will most assuredly accompany the writing.Despite what might have seemed a rather downward spiraling group, participants in last week’s group commented things like “I felt gifted because all the group cried and could relate with my inner thoughts,” “healthy reflection instead of hurtful reflection/rejection,” and “The gift was remembering what I am good at. The challenge was trying to see that it was true, and believing it at that.” For me, it was like sitting at the forge, watching gold emerge from ash and pain. Read on to see for yourself.


I was born into this world just a small
and fragile child. I was a happy child until
I had people telling me whether something was good or not.
Well, that’s gonna end. ‘Cause I am smart and I can write
this poem. I used to have people say I am dumb
and I don’t know what I’m saying or what I’m doing.

But what I say is that I’m not dumb, that I’m very smart
and that I do know what I’m doing and saying.
I’ve been a confused survivor ‘cause all I know
is bad things, but not anymore. I’m gonna be a happy child
and grow up to be a happy adult, and a perfect angel.

Today, tomorrow, I want to be me.



I am smart – but you say I’m not
I am smart – then you say I am a joke
I am smart – you laugh in my face and say, please, don’t lie to yourself
I am smart – you just laugh
I am smart – but you tell me to stop dreaming
I am smart – you still pick on me
I am smart – you tell me to shut up
I am smart – then you ask me to who, again? and say I’m nothing but a joke
I still reply I am smart

I am smart

I am smart



A soul that yearned for knowledge
being told I would never make it in high school,
convincing them I had what it takes to go to trade school
at a young age; winning my point
and getting a chance to do trade school
working hard, I received two certificates for printing technology
once again, being run down by the principal
quitting school with one year to go
picking myself up and being pregnant
starting my GED and volunteering for HeadStart with young kids
having to raise my four kids I had a big motive to better our lives
within a little less than a year I got my GED, CCV college courses
and a job as well as other certificates from CCV
Here I sit at this place still craving more knowledge
as I work for my high school diploma and engage myself
in all and every class that are offered.

. . . and you?

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