the coming winter

Life is a constant Advent season: we are continually waiting to become, to discover, to complete, to fulfill. Hope, struggle, fear, expectation and fulfillment are all part of our Advent experience.

As the winter approaches, the writers in CRCF feel the changes they can’t see. Days get shorter and colder, we start to imagine a blanket of snow on the bare trees, and guess when the first flake will fall. Because we can all go outside and experience the change firsthand. Our guesses are based in a physical knowledge and what our senses ring when we step into a certain shade of gray, a certain temperature drop. We know by how the air smells that snow will come. 

Our writers are left to imagine this. They remember in this. And that is what we asked them to do last week in our writing group. We said, “What do you think of when you hear the word ‘winter’?” What followed was a flood of images and memories of everything they remember. Below, you’ll find a handful of these memories.


When I hear the word “Winter” the first thing that comes to my mind is snow. The white beautiful layer that covers not only our ground but up above as well, for our rooftops and tree branches also receive a beautiful layer of the shining white snow. I also think of the refreshing brisk air we get that opens our lungs every time we step outside our doors, the ways it whisks through our hair, hits our cheeks and generates in through our nose and mouth is literally breath-taking at times but also refreshing all the same. Which then leads to remind me of my love for winter even more, bringing me back through my childhood and to adulthood as well. I remember rushing my mom to help me get me ready to go outside so I could make my family of snowmen in our front lawn for everyone to see, along with my snow angels that were resting next to me. As I remember these days , it just goes to show that some traditions never change or go. For everyone winter that comes, I’m now the mom who’s rushing herself to get the kids ready to run out the door. One thing I do that I believe must always come next is just before the kids come back in, I have them some hot cocoa with fluff or marshmallows to add in. Winter to me is the joy that it brings which is often forgotten by those that decline to enjoy this time as it’s here for just a bit because once it’s gone that beauty goes away. Waiting to come back next winter day!




Being home with the kids,
getting dress for the cold outside,
jumping in the sparkling white powder on the lawn,
me and the kids making snow angels on the fresh powder,
throwing lots of snow balls at each other,
All the laughter in the air being filled with happiness,
making snow forts and castles with each other,
getting colored water to be able to color on their projects.
Don’t forget the snow men! How cute and fun they are.
After a cold fun-filled day with the kids, we go in the house,
taking their winter clothes off by the heater to get warm.
I make them some hot cocoa with marshmallows to warm them up
as we laugh about the awesome day we had together.



Winter Solstice

The days have been getting shorter
but you would never know in here.
It’s bad enough we are stuck
in this horrible place–
I guess for now, we call it home.
If the days are getting shorter,
then why does it feel
like time drags?
The windows are frosted
except for an inch all around
not frost with the cold.
That would be too real.
We are told, We are not
supposed to feel comfortable.
After all, you are in prison.
I do still wish for snow.
Thinking back in time:
My son and his friends
making a giant ice fort.
That’s a clear winter memory
like snowmen, sledding, and
snow ball fights.
To be getting out of my own bed
and see the million snowflakes.
Can’t wait for one more chance.
I pray it will come soon,
breathing in the clean, crisp air,
looking up as the snow comes down.
I love the season of bundling up,
watching the world and thinking,
“Boy, this hot chocolate tastes good
and the dogs, yes, they enjoy it too.”



. . . and you?

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