strength grows inside

spiral of fire

credit – oakwillow

At Thursday’s group, we had a sweet gathering of writing inside VT team members and inmates. Conversation ranged from courage and bravery to the value of our group in creating safe space to examine our innermost lives. One of our team assistants reflected later:

“I was very impressed with the forthright comments of commitment by the inmates. I could feel the mission of the program working; the women inside feeling strength growing inside themselves because of their participation in the program. They felt like growing women, not prisoners.”

And in their writing, the women themselves proved the point. Two women’s writing spoke to the dichotomous ways in which a concept can be understood. One contrasted certainty and curiosity; the other, two sides of fear. Their words follow, words that show understanding and strength growing inside.

‘Treasure curiosity more than certainty’ – Margaret Wheatley, ‘Turning to One Another’

Certainty puts you at a standstill
       Curiosity keeps you motivated and interested
Certainty is the same and boring
       Curiosity is new and interesting
Certainty is repetitive and monotonous
       Curiosity is full of ups and downs
Certainty is explored territory
       Curiosity is a journey and adventure
Certainty is a slow smooth rhythm
       Curiosity is a suspenseful tune
Certainty is a fear of emotion
       Curiosity is brave and courageous
Certainty knows its limits
       Curiosity knows no boundaries
Certainty is not achievable for nothing is for certain
       Curiosity is an unwritten book
Certainty is to be closed off
       Curiosity is an opportunist
Certainty plays by watch
       Curiosity is when least expected
Certainty is very simple
       Curiosity is broad and everlasting
Certainty has a damaged past
       Curiosity has gotten over it
Certainty remembers
       Curiosity forgives
Certainty seeks in vain for serenity
       Curiosity is dancing in the rain
Dare to step outside your comfort zone
That is where possibilities begin


*  *  *


There is no courage without fear.
Fear, a four-letter word.
It could end in two different scenarios.

You could either:


which has landed you here time and time again.

Or, with courage, people by your side, spirituality, you could:


End your battle now!
and win your courage back!


. . . and you?

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