hear me see me at 2014 book festival

The reading from HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write at the 2014 Burlington Book Festival was taped by RETN. The 55-minute sequence follows. RETN did their best to capture our voices, since we deviated from the expected use of the podium for speaking!

Thank you again to Rick Kisonak who organized the Festival; and to Mike DeSanto of Phoenix Books who suggested our participation and provided books to sell at the event.

Profuse apologies to current Assistant Director Meaghan Reynolds for my failure to introduce her properly at the time. She did a fabulous debut job of holding the space for the readings and we are most grateful to her. And finally, to co-founder Marybeth Redmond, who is no longer involved in the program, gratitude for a gracious holding of the Q&A and her presence to celebrate the women of the book.

. . . and you?

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