the governor weighs in

Gov Shumlin 1-14 letterheadMy recent book discussion tour has taken separate paths into our state government’s offices in Montpelier.

At one, a member of the group placed a copy of HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write on the desk of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin. At another, I learned that a passage from the book had been offered as a devotional at the opening session of the legislature.

This all happened around the time of the Governor’s State of the State address in which he pledged to focus on our state’s alarming opiate addiction as a public health concern.

His thank you letter to the woman who deposited the book on his desk reads, in part:
“I am writing to thank you for the copy of HEAR ME, SEE ME… It is a very moving collection of essays. This is a public health issue and we must bolster our current approach with more common sense. I’m sure you will agree that publications like HEAR ME, SEE ME help bring a human voice to this discussion.

Thanks again for the recommendation.”
Gov Shumlin 1-14 letter final para

4 thoughts on “the governor weighs in

  1. alvaradofrazier says:

    Bless that person who thought to share the book with the Governor of your state. Sounds like several good things are happening for incarcerated women as a result of them sharing and you both providing the platform.
    From a cell, to a legislative devotional, to the Governor’s office-amazing!
    Giving a voice is what it is all about.


    • sarahwbartlett says:

      Right? This is such important work – it’s truly humbling to be part of the wheels of change, however small or slow. Just to know that these previously-silent voices are being heard is huge. Thanks for sending the news out further into the world, greatly appreciated.


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