hold fast to these words


reconciliation, franz marc

From time to time, I like to post poems created from lines written by each woman in the circle. Between weekly groups, I weave these into a poem, creating a kind of communal composition from the thoughts, feelings and turns of phrase of the collective. They both contain and exceed the individual themes of each woman’s personal writing.

At last week’s semi-annual read-around with invited guests, we opened with this same poem. It feels especially timely for the holiday season. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments space. And Happy Holidays!


I had built my own tomb
blinded and stunted by the demons
in a syringe needle, drowning in suffering
haze and fog of an alcohol-induced perception
that made my soul bleed and hope vanish.

But my Creator has a plan for me –
set free by my God
stronger and more apt to succeed
I see the facet of your make up
reconciled in each teardrop.
The hole in my heart is healed.

I find relevance in my existence:
I was all I needed!!!
A room filled with patience
is what restores my faith.
Blessed, peaceful serene moments
my safe haven from the lonely days,
my strength to carry on for another week.

Your voices sustain my longing for touch;
our songs sung together
give me strength
are with me in my heart and soul
until we come together again.
My precious child, I am here
not just living but alive
and safe in a mad, mad world.

Hold fast to these words
my foundation, my everything:
faith is what keeps me sane and at peace;
it’s God and his wonderful mercy.

. . . and you?

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