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Our super-terrific editor at Orbis Books, Mike Leach, forwarded us the (nearly final) cover of Hear Me, See Me: Incarcerated Women Write this week.


Hear Me See Me cover 2

“Sure to become a classic,” says Sister Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking, at the top of the jacket.

And as we speak, co-creator Sarah Bartlett is knee-deep in the 200-plus page proofs of the book.  I’m next to review–yikes!

For those of you new to this writinginsideVT project, Hear Me, See Me is a collection of powerful, unvarnished prose and poetry by women imprisoned in Vermont, survivors of every kind of trauma, abuse, and addiction, whose individual and collective works explore and transcend the physical and spiritual trials of their lives.

It’s due out in September, and (drumroll, please), it’s now available on Amazon for pre-order, so please feel free to reserve your copy.

We also secured some nifty endorsements this week too.  

Here’s a snippet from the blurb by Ellen Barry, Executive Director, Prison Insight Project, San Rafael, California:

Sarah Bartlett and Marybeth Redmond have brought together the soul-revealing writings of a group of women with whom you may feel you have nothing in common. Yet, if you listen to these women tell their stories, in their own voices, you will find that they speak of universal fears, hopes and dreams. Through the power of words, they articulate the universal truths that we can all relate to.

And from Andy Pallito, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Corrections:

Hearing incarcerated women’s stories allows us to put judgment aside, and appreciate fully their histories, experiences and attitudes. writinginsideVT is a vital part of creating programs and avenues that help incarcerated women reset their lives and return to communities as productive citizens.

We are beyond grateful to Orbis, our supporters, and most especially Vermont’s incarcerated women who share their lives in our writing circle week-to-week.

Much more to come…

9 thoughts on “book news!

  1. Linda Catanzaro says:

    a very well deserved honor – can’t wait to read the book and let others know about it!
    your work continues to inspire me!

    Linda Catanzaro, Cleveland Heights, OH


  2. Joanne Ludwig says:

    I am looking foward to this book. Your writing group helped make my daughterJill’s time in Vermont more bearable. She misses the group immensely. I try to keep her up to date on your groups writings weekly by sharing with her the current weeks writings. Thank you so much forr all you did for her.


    • sarahwbartlett says:

      Joanne, thank you so much for your very kind words. As you know, it was a privilege for us to work with Jill for the months she was here. One of the most gratifying parts of this work is witnessing the internal growth and deepening of participants. Hers was especially powerful and inspiring.

      I am so glad you and I had a moment to connect personally in the lobby. Perhaps you will be able to participate in at least some of the book launch activities. The book is filled with Jill’s wisdom and reflections. Very beautiful. Thanks again for visiting and for your comments.


      • Joanne Ludwig says:

        If I am available would like to participate in book’s launching. Jill now has been transferred to Tallahassee I am sure you will hear from her once she gets settled in her new facility. I will let her know about the September issue date and will make sure I order her a copy. Thank you again for all you did for her and all the other women in the writing group.


      • sarahwbartlett says:

        Thanks, Joanne, for keeping in touch. We will definitely send information along. Launch expected in early fall. We’re just now wrapping up our final review of the proofs. Next up – getting book pre-sales moving along. We hope to offer a two-fer deal that will permit folks to purchase two at a discounted price – one for themselves and a second for one of the women writers whose work appears in the book. We’ll need about 60 to give one to each writer. Hopefully we can get that started within a week or two. Keep checking back!!!


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