I am touched …

I missed a session with the ‘inside’ women last week due to the death of my beloved 103-year-old grandfather, Emmett McNamara.

Marybeth & Granddad @ age 101

Marybeth & Granddad @ age 101

He was one of the ‘lights of my life,’ an engaged and curious man (’til the very end) with whom I could do no wrong.  Honestly, my grandfather believed the sun and the moon rose over my head. He was a true example of unconditional love, something lacking in most familial relationships today … and certainly missing in the lives of the incarcerated women I write with.

Anyway, I returned to Vermont after the funeral services and was given a piece of butcher block paper in which the incarcerated women had scrawled their “wishes” for me in the wake of my loss.

“Marybeth, I wish for you …

We wish you 2… positive direction … support … perseverance … love … courage … loving memories … caring … keep going … stay strong and use all your skills and strengths … the strength to know you have the strength … that you’ll always remember.”

And the closing line: “We are with you.  Don’t ever forget–we love you.”

I have reflected before on the mutual blessing that flows within our writinginsideVT community, but tonight, I am deeply touched and comforted, and left without words.

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