grind, grind, repeat

Each week co-director Sarah Bartlett works her magic by weaving our most compelling writing into a single collective poem called a “found poem.”

I love the symbolism of this blended format.

To me, it represents the reconstitution of words and voices of a diverse, ever-changing circle of women to create new meanings and insights for the collective community, as well as for each other.

The “found poem” represents what we work at diligently week-to-week – fashioning healthy, trusting community where all voices are equal within the circle.

This week Sarah crafted our “found poem” entitled Grind, Grind, Repeat from her European vacation destination–THANK YOU!

pencil sharpener by muffett68


Celebrating new ways
to express myself
where it is less complicated,
precious hands guiding me along my path

the one thing I know won’t change
what defines me, is mine —
my writing, curvy and slanted.
It won’t change –

a rollercoaster across the page
squiggly lightening bolt
bleeding off the page
representing the freer woman I am becoming. 

I never got to be a child myself  –
rebelled as soon as I could
meet a man just like my father,
set out on new journey of life.

Body covered in freckles
slowly sharpened one leaded hexagon
each circular crank ease up my pressure –
gears grind, lead is sharpened.

Pain sifted through
beliefs that kept me imprisoned –
massive pressure to conform
until it is picture perfect.

I searched in all the places and faces,
an adult mind that is capable and sound
the final loop-de-loop.

. . . and you?

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