From this past week’s writing, another take on what the writer wants/does not want an other to see. This writing comes with a twist, however.

Your perception of me needs to shift, if ever so slight.

I must tell you, your view of me was definitely skewed.

However, that might possibly be my fault.

I hid who I am from you, and tucked it out of sight.

I did not trust myself or anyone else enough to let them see in.

Many apologies for my countless mistakes.

But, I will ONLY apologize just once, because we must move on.

I may have seemed flighty or foolish; but I am clever and calculating, always thinking, observing, analytical and maybe a little forgetful.

I seemed like I had many secrets and not the most honest.

Truth be told, I was! The secrets have been revealed and honestly? Well, I am ready to tell and hear it all.

You probably didn’t like me too much.
I was chatty (about nothing) and tried way too hard.

I still enjoy talking (to those who listen) and I will not waste my breath on  any other lost cause.

I can be jealous, envious and yearned for what I didn’t have. I coveted ‘things’ far too much.

I still want, still yearn, but it is different now.

I yearn for you to now know the ‘real’ me!

I yearn for you to see who I truly am and help me show the entire world.

I yearn to be happy and peaceful.

I earn for you to trust and respect me.

I desperately need you to love me.

“Do you see what I see?” I begged at the reflection staring back at me.


. . . and you?

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