calling upon her God

Cupid & Psyche
by Antonio Canova

Brave souls, all, agreed to write this week about their personal connections to God (or the Divine).  We utilized the open-hearted poetry of Rumi to get us started.  TD moved many of us with the prayerful invocation she penned, calling upon God for mercy in healing her cocaine addiction.  She utilized the prompt, “God is an ocean of mercy….Collapse into God’s arms and you’ll weep like a child.”   Read on.

It is me, your daughter.

I am here, I am in your light.

Your grace has given me many blessings.

It is me whom you loved,

no matter the number of my faults.

I am here, broken before you,

ready to receive your glory.

I have taken many paths in this life,

and it has taught me not to fear you,

for you gave me breath,

you gave me life,

and through these many circumstances,

you let me live.

I am of love and have been forgiven.

Please, show me what it is

you want from me.

I am at your mercy,

I am on bended knee,

asking for you to hold me,

comfort me from the world.

Show me how to control my fear

of the world.

Give me the strength, the power

to rise from the bondage of my addiction.

Clear my path of suffering

and give me your love.

I am right here,

ready to receive it,

live in it, breathe it,

and give it back to the world.

When I am strong enough,

when the time is right,

give me rest, clear my mind,

cleanse my soul, give me peace.

Let the flood of my emotions release,

renewing my passage into this life.

Rebuild my self-confidence,

I trust you,

you have never forsaken me.

Give me new life,

new encounters that enrich my life.

Encourage the energy that surrounds me

to be of peace and comfort.

Growth is key in my addiction.

Please, release me,

I want to love you back,

the way you’ve always loved and cherished me.

I want to live my life as though

I am wrapped tightly in your arms,

not stranded out at sea,

with no means to a life,

stranded, lost, forgotten,

unforgiven, broken,

and with no direction to save me.

2 thoughts on “calling upon her God

  1. Sister Joanne Kaminski, CSSF says:

    I encourage TD to read this every day and ask for the courage and strength to be the person God wants her to be. This goes for everyone. You are all in my daily prayers. Sister Joanne


  2. Marybeth says:

    I had the exact same thought, Sister Joanne, as I was posting today–that TD should read this prayer over and over again each day. Clearly, we are on the same wavelength! Thanks for being in touch.


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