watching me from doughnut heaven

I am massively jazzed when a new woman joins the writing circle and folds into our community process seamlessly.  It’s a testament to the woman’s personal readiness to reflect more deeply upon her life.  It’s also testament to the power of the Women Writing for (a) Change model we use, and its ability to facilitate safe, trustworthy space (quickly) for all participants.

Inside-writer SV joined us for the first time this week and shared this whimsical piece about her Aunt Shirley.  For many incarcerated women (all of us, for that matter!), it’s the memory of someone who loved us unconditionally that holds together our orbits during difficult times.  Read on…


My Aunt Shirley loved to eat doughnuts and chocolate and pizza from the microwave.

She loved to feed me my favorite foods – and that was the way she loved me.

She loved me through macaroni and cheese.

She loved me through Alfredo and broccoli.

She loved me until the day she passed; and yet, still, I feel her love.

I would not be who I am today if my Aunt Shirley wasn’t there everyday to love me the best way she knew how. In fact, I don’t think I’d even be here if I had to go through life without her.

She is in doughnut heaven now.

She is not always by my side – but, oh, she really is.

Her love, her faith in me, that was unwavering.

She made me believe I was loveable.

She made me believe that I was so special to her – and I was.

She watches over me every minute of every day, I am sure of it.

As sure as she has a doughnut in her hand!

. . . and you?

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