It’s been a while since we posted a ‘found poem’ created by lines of women’s writing from a previous circle.

In this case, the lines were gathered at our ‘public’ reading of a number of pieces from several months. Therefore the theme is one created by the proximity of lines to one another and their entirety, rather than being in response to a particular prompt.

Behind me must be forgotten –
addiction, The Devil
critical of my hair
untamed, unhinged;
cupid’s careless arrow
plucked from the sky
swatting the air thick with
trust, love, hope and dreams
vulnerable to the game;
thinking there’s no danger is absurd.

The air was ripe with hate
uncontrolled emotions
stagnating laughter that should thrive
stuck in a cage
angry screams imbedded in cement,
voices that haunt me
crawling through the underbrush
of my life, the place nobody wants to be.

No matter how many mistakes I make
I can choose to laugh
be one of those birds
heal with naked truth
dignity and integrity
pull my layers back so I’m tender,
mouth wide open feeling the wind.

I have found courage and determination
boundaries I have set myself –
no angry looks or unkind words
no drama. I have tunneled through torture,
have a strong sense of the absurd.

Nobody can stop me now.
Tough love is what I’m doing,
the familiarity of my limits.
I long to live in this place forever
lost in the words, my own space
my internal conquest
another chance for daylight
looking for me
this slightly cracked child of God
healing with intention
more than sweet release.

That’s what time demands.

. . . and you?

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