my heart’s deepest craving

If only we could all listen to these women inside Vermont’s prison, we’d discover, and quickly, that we are not so very different in what we want for our selves, our loved ones, our lives. The writer below addresses her yearning in simple and eloquent words:

to want to feel more than the immediate
to close my eyes and dream of more than sweet release
to hear and be heard
to touch the world with my words
to infect lives with laughter
to heal with naked truth
stripped down to a new beginning
one where the intro is worth reading
and the middle has real substance
where the end simply makes me crave
another page


2 thoughts on “my heart’s deepest craving

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for your comment, Priscilla. There truly is a raw beauty to these unedited fast-writes. Clearly the writing circle is safe space for this kind of sharing. Once back on the units, their masks return and feelings shut down. It’s interesting to hear them talk about this around the circle.


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