whirlwind of advocacy

State seal of Vermont

“It’s been a whirlwind week of advocacy for Vermont’s incarcerated women,” says Marybeth Redmond, co-director of writinginsideVT, who lent her journalistic expertise to fashioning, staging and presenting the White Paper entitled “Reclaiming Lost Ground for Vermont’s Incarcerated Women.” And contributed to follow-up press coverage including VT Digger’s “Report Slams Women’s Prison Facility.”

Hopefully our advocacy will move forward some serious re-assessment of promised programming. This population for the most part lacks opportunity (services, training, support) to turn their lives around and become the good parents and productive members of their local communities they both desire and deserve to be.

2 thoughts on “whirlwind of advocacy

  1. Pam Griffin says:

    I very much enjoyed your message today at pray.nd. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and relating them to today’s struggles.


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