the caging of America

..that’s the title of Adam Gopnik’s Jan. 30th piece in The New Yorker.  Definitely worth reading.

A few poignant take-aways…

About prison“It isn’t the horror of the time at hand but the unimaginable sameness of the time ahead that makes prison unendurable for inmates.”

About incarcerated women – “..whatever they have done and whatever punishment has been meted out affects their family much more than it affects them.  Many provided the sole source of support for their removing their income from the equation, their families suffer.  Rent or mortgages can’t be paid, older children lose their chance at an education, extra jobs must be taken on..”

About mass incarceration in America – “The moral failings of advanced liberal societies..tend to be slow-motion sins….We allow the atmosphere to be filled with greenhouse gases; we allow the hypertrophic growth of inequality; we let the prison population grow to the size of a megalopolis.  And the key is that there’s no particular moment when they happened, no single event to expose and decry.  It’s the slow-motion violence of mass incarceration that enables it to elude our moral immune system.  Prisons stop time.”

. . . and you?

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