‘learning to love myself . . .’

What a powerful prompt from last night’s writing circle inside! It doesn’t take many words to convey a huge journey. Read what one woman shared of her own painful story:


When I was young, I fell in love. But that time it wasn’t myself. It was a horrible drug. Its name was Oxy80. I had started going downhill ‘til I hit rock bottom. Oh, man, did that hurt! I lost everything, including myself. But with help, support and time, I found myself again. Now I am still young and I have fallen in love again. And guess what? It was myself who I had fallen in love with. I am now a mother of two boys. I’m caring, respectful, loving, faithful, fun, outgoing, understanding and I never get enough sleep. But I would never trade it for anything, because I now love myself!

–       TG

. . . and you?

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