..visioning a New Year from ‘inside’

P. Robinson-Smith

  ‘Inside’ woman-writer TM shares her vision
for ‘beginning again’ in 2012. 

  Generous thanks for your support
of writinginsideVT this year.    

  New Years blessings to all,

                -Marybeth & Sarah


Personal renewal guides
a lingering journey.
Perhaps this will be the time
I begin again.

Many dreams have been lost
through selfishness.
Believing in my inner power and integrity,
regaining dignity.

I need to validate
these desires.
Losing a battle for so long
increases the stamina to move on.

Meditation, honor, builds my power,
letting go of negative energy,
holding onto the divine.
Is it real this time?

Powerful Solstice.

. . . and you?

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