challenges of phone-talk ‘inside’

Early in September, while the women of CRCF were still reeling from the recent move from St. Albans, we introduced the theme of communications (which will continue in a variety of permutations during this fall).  Specifically, the women were invited to write about the telephone. Memories, current realities, what the phone can be or do to/for them while inside . . . The following ‘found poem’ combines lines written by the dozen women, each sharing a different response; and yet see how the lines work together to create a composite picture!!

I’m out, I’m free —
happier than I’ve been in a long time
forgiven one more time
jumping up and down on a overstuffed armchair,
using songs to convey feelings.

I couldn’t stay away another day
planning my phone calls.
All we have are phone calls,
do nothing but call again
just repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s
comforting to be told what you want to hear;
negative thinking makes
the phone calls not so good,
wait for days of frustration
shattering my peace.

Feeling lost in a world I birthed,
I sit in silences;
nothing to say
no longer anyone to call.
I hear voices laughing;
my voice is paralyzed
alone, abandoned and betrayed
an unspoken language.

What you have is simply the truth —
I’ll be home soon.
I’m out!  An apartment.  Now what?
Daring myself to have faith,
emerging humility & responsibility
my new lifeline
behind a closed door.

. . . and you?

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