With this post, we continue our tradition of creating a ‘found poem’ from the lines shared each week within the writing circle. Each such poem contains words and sentiments from individuals who may have been writing on completely different topics. Put together and out of original context, however, their words mingle and merge, creating an entirely new piece. This writing was from the first circle held since the move to CRCF.
 A caged animal

eyes staring wildly
stripped away
frozen in time,
in pain from the past –

It might as well be me.
I don’t know who I am –
I lost me.
Why can’t I move forward?

Gross and disgusting
in your eyes,
my heart sank.
I cleaned for hours,
numbing myself,
my mind enveloping my sanity.

The sky turns black,
lightening snaps,
leering faces peek from
commotion in the background,
fear and confusion
still alive,
deep-ridden —
I can’t quite move,
let go of my fear.

I hold onto hope —
small beam of light —
seek serenity
ready to climb
true to who I am.

The dawning light will free me
from leg-irons and eyeliner
for what God has created me to be.
If we don’t guard each other souls, who will?


. . . and you?

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