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“Women involved in the criminal justice system, through years of learned behavior and external influences, often believe that they have no voice.  Writing Inside VT gives them the opportunity to share their own personal experience in a thoughtful and safe way in a group which is powerfully therapeutic and very empowering.” – Edward Adams, Superintendent, Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility

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I was in jail for seven months, and with writing inside VT possibly five.  If not for your program and your interest in us as people, I would not have made it those last 26 days after losing my Joe. Your work with writing inside VT is nothing less than magnificent. Now that I have a regular paycheck coming in, it is the least I could do to try to give back to the program, and to you, a little of that help.


ellaraine lockie, poet, writer, contest judge, speaker

“This writing project for prison women is simply amazing in every way! Many facets of it stand out:  their writing as a a tool for self-exploration and growth, silence having been the only way to survive the horrors of their lives; the found poems from lines shared the week before; the multiple ways in which you publish and promote their work.”

Ellaraine Lockie is a widely published and awarded poet.

ellaraine lockie