book of women prisoners’ writings from Vermont
released September 2013

cover of upcoming bookTime for a Fall 2014 BOOK READING!

Come listen to and meet
a number of previously-incarcerated women
who have written with writinginsideVT
over the past four years.

Burlington Book Festival
Saturday, September 20, 10:30 am

Fletcher Free Library, Main Reading Room
Burlington, VT

If you’ve missed the several readings, you can still
order the book from Orbis Books or Amazon

AND – if you like what you read – please consider leaving a customer review on our Amazon page!


These straight-from-the-gut writings by incarcerated women will break your heart and put it back together again.   - Sr. Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

These are radical, revolutionary voices because they dare us to do what society insists we must not:  listen to and care about those who have been cast out and locked away.
- Michelle Alexander, legal scholar & author, The New Jim Crow:
Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness

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embodying the unexpected

I always take away a sense of feeling not alone.- Soul Card from one of the writers

In every writing circle I have ever been a part of, you have to accept the potential for the unexpected. If you go in thinking it’s going to be one way or another way, you’re sunk. Sometimes the piece you were going to write doesn’t come, the piece you thought you hated becomes the most important thing you’ve ever said, and sometimes you write something that you didn’t know you thought, let alone decided to put to paper.

Writing inside is the same only more so. As a group, we roll with the slamming doors, the women talking in the hall on their way back from chow, the C.O.’s coming in to do a count on top of the usual surprises. It is a loud space but somehow we can always find the quiet together and let written bombshells land on the page.

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