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Since January 2010 the trained staff at writing inside VT has helped over 300 incarcerated women experience improved confidence and well-being through self-expression in word and art. This program provides an opportunity for emotional growth at a fraction of the annual cost of imprisonment  ($1260 vs $84,000).

“This writing project for prison women is simply amazing in every way! Many facets of it stand out:  their writing as a a tool for self-exploration and growth, silence having been the only way to survive the horrors of their lives; the found poems from lines shared the week before; the multiple ways in which you publish and promote their work.”
Ellaraine Lockie, widely published and awarded author of poetry in the US and abroad, frequent poetry contest judge and reader on national radio


writing from inside

“We sit in darkness until light enters … We give ourselves to her transformative fire … turning scarcity into abundance.” Rose Flint, 2013

writers inside - credit: Maddie McGarvey


Research shows that expressive creative activity boosts self-esteem and wellness, and pushes self-awareness into new territories.

Angie, Burlington Book Festival, 9-14

photos from public readings

“Each of you has experienced, it seems to me, several lifetimes; and the wisdom you’ve gained is a gift to all who hear and read of your pain, courage, perseverance, gumption and success.” – guest at October 2013 book launch reading